Chanukah Competition

Chanukah Competition

18.12.2017 at 9:01 pm

It’s pretty clear how a Chanukkia should look like: eight candles on the same level with equal space in between and the shamash. To spread the miracle, it should then be placed at the window or the door. And yet still there are countless possible variations for the looks of a Chanukkia. There are no limits to creativity. This was shown very clearly at the Chanukkiot competition organised by Mrs. Kahanovsky.

The feedback was immense. So many beautiful and remarkable results have been presented. Each one was unique in its own way which made it hard to pick a winner. Therefore, a category of special prizes was added to the previously announced audience and jury prizes. Chana Savage and Ruthy Dray were awarded a special prize for their Chanukkia that looked like a pencil case with towering pens as candles. The idea behind it: Every pen is unique like every student at the school. Reut Zaloshinsky too picked up on this diversity thought and was awarded a special prize. She showed photos of all children of the sixth grade and their class teacher Mrs. Kahanovsky.

The thought behind it is especially beautiful too: “Every single one is a small light but together we are strong” is written above the photos, showing how important solidarity is for a group. Tamar Biton was awarded the third special price. She opened a historical perspective by relating the situation of the Jews during the Shoa to the situation nowadays. A photo of the school with its students is pointing to a better future.

Esther and Sarah Galkin were awarded one of the audience prizes, the ones the children and adolescents got to choose. Their Chanukkia was decorated with silver sparkling crystal balls which the children liked a lot. More audience prizes went to Noa Becher and her Chanukkia shaped like a Torah scroll that looks like it’s been wound onto two Pringles rolls and to David Orlowski’s Lego Chanukkia.  The jury prizes went to Judith Noy who also created a Lego Chanukkia, Selma and Nechama Spinner and their lipstick creation as well as to Avivjah Golzmann whose Chanukkia was based on the looks of a window.

Actually, everyone was a Chanukkiot winner. Like Chana’s and Ruthy’s pens represented the diversity of the students the single Chanukkiot had that same message. Surely, they were placed at the windows during the remaining days of Chanukah, shining and telling about the oil miracle.