Charity-Call // Aufruf zur Spende am 23./24. September 2020

Charity-Call // Aufruf zur Spende am 23./24. September 2020

10.9.2020 at 11:17 am

Save the date – Lauder Yeshurun Campaign

We have all experienced a very difficult situation in the last few months. In some places deep cuts had to be made.

We are all the more pleased to announce that we have the opportunity to participate in an exciting and important fundraising campaign with our partner „Charidy“.

This will take place on September 23/24, 2020 and will have a goal of 500.000,00€. Important: Only donations received during this period will be counted towards achieving this goal.

Thanks to the generous commitment of the Ronald S. Lauder Foundation, each donation will be doubled!

Not only is this campaign the very first of its kind for us, but due to its nature as an ALL OR NOTHING campaign, it is absolutely dependent on all our efforts – if the 500,000.00€ are not reached, the money will be transferred back.

The success of the campaign will be crucial to ensure that our programs continue to be successful and have the ability to expand.Therefore the big request to all:

Share our call!

What can I do?

Help in every way – not only as a donation, but through your active involvement in expanding our crowd and soliciting donations from those you know. Create lists of those who may want to contribute (be they large or small donations) or even fundraise themselves. Don’t forget to spread our message: via social media, in the team, with friends, relatives or acquaintances! Be in touch with us to get a personal donation link where your contacts can support your fundraising goal.

The website: will be active on September 16 and will provide more information about the campaign (details will follow here in the following week).

Whoever would like to actively support this campaign and is willing to build up a donor network is invited and encouraged to register with [email protected]

Thanks a lot for sharing, posting, spreading the word!