Cycling Training

Cycling Training

7.11.2017 at 5:33 pm

The preparation and execution of a cycling examination is part of the general studies program of every fourth grade. It’s the goal for every student to get the cycling license.

Right at the beginning of the school year, the fourth grade started to prepare for the cycling examination. They learned about right of way, and safety rules for riding on the streets in Berlin. In addition, students learned about what makes a bike reliable and roadworthy, and identified the different bike parts. Students learned to use a checklist to verify that a bike is roadworthy. Even a bicycle TÜV was possible.

In Novemeber, students hooped on a double deck coach bus, and attended a youth traffic school. Students familiarized themselves with the surroundings, performed the first few exercises about cycling according to the traffic signs and rules and did their best to automatize the sequence of actions looking over the shoulder, hand signal, turn. Another one or two dates for training will take place later during the school year – with theoretical tests and practical.

We look forward to developing safe riding at Lauder Beth Zion School!