First Day of School

First Day of School

8.9.2017 at 5:09 pm

First-graders at Lauder Beth-Zion School celebrated their first day at school in September, and look forward to a colorful year of singing, present and learning. The “ABC-Schützen” had their big performance in the LBZ assembly hall and were greeted by older students, families and teachers with great curiosity and excitement.

Luckily, each young student had someone from the upper class by his/her side to accompany the younger student. Holding hands, any agitation was quickly forgotten. Together with their class teacher —  Mrs. Schlüter — and other teachers, first-graders had been organizing and arranging the event in their class room all week long.

A room was constructed especially for the new class. A wall was taken down for the large class of 16 students, making one large classroom out of two. The first dust settled, the shelves set and the pencils sharpened. Ready to go.

Students from second, third and fourth grade prepared a surprise welcome. Together with music teacher Mr. Juraschewski, the older students sang songs in German and Hebrew and left no doubt that the first grader had a special place in the school. Older students performed a welcoming play, and school management put up a wonder tree in the assembly hall. The tree’s buds will flourish in the comiung years, and so are Sara, Michael, Mina, Samuel, Shira, Shimi,Tamar, Arieh, Tehilla, Samuel,Yadid, Leibi, Elasar, Jakov, Efraim and Shneor. They will develop, read, learn how to calculate, sing, dance, paint, play and grow bigger and more mature.

It’s great to have you here at Lauder Beth Zion!





Mrs. Fabian, a teacher at LBZ, is the mom of Shira, who had her first day at school on Monday. She answered a few questions for us.

Why did you decide for Lauder Beth-Zion Schule?

That wasn’t a difficult decision for me. Both of my older children are here already. For my husband and me the LBZ is the perfect combination of Jewish and worldly content,  offering both on a high level. That’s important to us.

Do you have an advice for the first grade?

I don’t really have an advice, but I am eager to see what I can learn from the children. It surely is going to be exciting and I am looking forward to it a lot.


Mrs. Rubin works as school psychologist at LBZ. It was the first day at school too for her grandson Samuel. She described her impressions for us.

Mrs. Rubin, how does your grandson seem to you today?

I think he is excited and slightly anxious, like all kids today. But it is calming him that he already knows his classmates from nursery school. This way, not everything is new and unfamiliar. He is even excited to start the Math lessons.

Do you remember your first day at school?

What I cannot remember is a big celebration as large as that done here today, with school cones and everything. Such welcoming rituals didn’t exist back in my time. But I do remember that for the adults, I must have been a tough school child. (laughs)

Is there something you want to wish the class?

Yes indeed. I hope that they will study successfully. Always do it with fun and joy. That’s important. School shouldn’t mean so much stress!



» I hope that my child is going to love the school! «

» I wish that my child stays curious. At school you get many answers. I hope that the children return home with questions as well as answers! «

»It’s great that the older children sing for us. But me, I can sing many sings too already. I would like to show them!«