Math Kangaroo Contest at LBZ

Math Kangaroo Contest at LBZ

26.5.2017 at 3:37 pm

Each year in March, we enter the Math Kangaroo Contest. Within all of Germany, more than 90,600 3-13 graders from a total of 10,995 schools participate in this contest.

Last year, students’ skepticism was still great as to whether they would actually be able to successfully tackle the Kangaroo math problems – This year, however, most of them looked forward to participating in the contest. A total of 53 students from grade 3-10 decided to give it a try.

All participants gathered in our dining hall, applying themselves to the task of answering a 75-minute multiple-choice test. Our students’ newfound enthusiasm for the Kangaroo Contest was underlined by the fact that not all of our participants found a seat in our dining hall this year, with the 3rd grade having to take the test separately in their classroom.

All students worked in a concentrated fashion, trying to solve as many problems as possible. There were three different levels of difficulty, with students having to pick the correct answer out of 5 possible solutions.

Of course all students were eager to get to know their results as soon as possible, and after the Passover holidays, every participant received a certificate.

We already look forward to next year’s Math Kangaroo Contest when our students have to develop and prove their geometric thinking, their logics as well as their calculation, estimation and combining skills once again.



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