Our Mission

Curriculum and Learning Environment

  • Teaching exclusively in small classes (maximum 15 students per class).

  • Use of the Hebrew language learning program "Tal Am", which is used in Jewish schools for the teaching of Hebrew and Jewish tradition and history around the world.

  • Bilingual: German and Hebrew from grade 1. , English from grade 3.

  • Integration of Jewish themes in many areas of the curriculum (for instance in arts and craft classes, and in German classes).

  • Celebration of Shabbat and Jewish holidays

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about the school

“Every child is a miracle, a unique personality that must unfold his hidden potential, so that his life has meaning” (after Pablo Casals).


This is the motto of our entire project and it should influence the development and implementation of our educational goals.


Educational Goals

The focus of our work in the school is the growth and thriving of each individual child, taking into consideration his/ her talent and personal development. The child with his/her individual talents should be accepted, supported and encouraged in his/her individual skills. We attach great importance to a familiar and tolerant atmosphere in which Jewish children of all backgrounds and religious levels feel respected and well. In a structured and stimulating learning environment we want to enable the children to become consciously thinking and acting people who can fulfill their responsibility in society.

  • The Lauder Beth-Zion School is a day school. Our goal is to recognize the development and interests of the children and to teach them a variety of subjects, using modern methods.
  • It is our goal, in addition to providing contents according to the guidelines and framework curriculum of Berlin, to strengthen particularly the Jewish identity of the students. The children learn the contents of  secular primary school subjects as well as Hebrew and Jewish subjects.
  • The Jewish subjects and the general primary school subjects stand on equal basis and are developed according to modern educational methods.
  • We offer a high quality and contemporary Jewish education. Jewish topics are incorporated into many areas of the curriculum (for instance in art and craft or German). We also offer interdisciplinary teaching projects.


Education on the Basis of Jewish Values

As a Jewish school, we want to provide children with the basic values ​​of Jewish tradition from an early age:

  • Love of learning: Our school wants to encourage your child especially in his/her inner urge to learn, so that it develops a lifelong love of learning.
  • Appreciation of parents, teachers / educators as well as classmates
  • Charity and good deeds (Tzedakah and Gemilut Chassadim)
  • Constant solidarity with the Jewish people and the Land of Israel

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