Rav BarOn’s 70th Birthday

Rav BarOn’s 70th Birthday

5.12.2017 at 8:50 pm

On 27. Kislev, Rav BarOn turned 70 years of age. For his great day, the whole school, guests of the KAJ and Rav Savage gathered in the assembly hall to celebrate. All students contributed in their own moving and warm-hearted ways to the ceremony: The little ones sang and the older ones wrote and read out their very own Dvar Torah which referred to Rav BarOn’s lessons.

In his thank-you speech Rav BarOn was visibly moved. He pointed out that unfortunately his family can’t join him for his birthday because they live in Israel but that therefore he is even happier to have a school family that celebrates this day with him.

The Lauder school family would like to use this opportunity to wish him all the best and to thank him sincerely for all the warmth he shows with people, his deep knowledge and professional dedication at the school. THANK YOU Rav BarOn! May you live until 120!

Der Weisheit letzter Schluss mit Rav Baron:
„Und ich will euch in das Land bringen, über das ich meine Hand zum Schwur erhoben habe, dass ich’s geben will Abraham, Isaak und Jakob; das will ich euch zu eigen geben. Ich bin HaSchem.“
Schemot 6, 8