School Trip to Biosphere Potsdam

School Trip to Biosphere Potsdam

9.5.2017 at 10:28 pm

In the beginning of May, our 3rd grade made its way to Potsdam to attend a workshop on butteflies in the biosphere’s “green class room”.

Thus, our students were able to deepen their knowledge on butterflies, to study the structure and body parts of caterpillars and butterflies, to take a look at butterfly specimens through the microscope, to produce silk threads from a real silk cocoon ant to prepare the butteflies’ food in the biosphere’s butterfly house – The task was to prepare fruit in such a manner that the butterflies were able to “drink” the fruit juice with their proboscis.
They also learnt to distinguish between butterflies and moths. We also got to know that approx. 200 cocoons are required for the production of a silk scarf: Every cocoon produces a silk thread with a length of up to 24 miles – very impressive!

In the butterfly house, we were able to admire two giant Atlas moths that had just hatched. We also had the opportunity to learn something about butterflies’ mimicry to deter natural enemies. As an encore, we received a tour through the aqua sphere where we were able to explore an underwater cave, to descend in a submarine and to observe mudskippers in an aquaterrarium. Moreover, we left Potsdam via flying ship to cross Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and follow the Zambezi River for a stretch. On the right- and left-hand side of the river bank, we were able to observe the diverse fauna of Africa’s tropical rainforest.

To conclude this eventful day, we went to Volkspark Postdam where our students could live it up for a while before everyone was back at school in time for the taxi break.




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