The Big Challenge

The Big Challenge

26.5.2017 at 2:53 pm

The Big Challenge is a Europe-wide competition to assess students’ English language skills, taking place in all participating schools in the beginning of May each year.

Our school has been a proud participant in this competition for some years now, and our students love to prepare for the challenge through computer training, which also allows them to compare their results internationally via a point scale.

There are various training programs providing children with a playful approach to the competition and motivating them to deal with vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and regional studies.

The test consists of a multiple-choice questionnaire of 54 questions per grade or age-group level, providing 4 possible answers per question.

With a total of approx. 25,000 students participating in the Big Challenge, our school managed to come in second in Berlin. Moreover, every participant receives a certificate and there are great prizes to win as well, such as language trips, books and DVDs.


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